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Favorite creation Free Videos

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Today’s advanced technology permits you to play videos on your mobile devices, together with pornography videos. If you'd prefer to keep these videos on your cell phone, you'll be able to additionally notice several of them in There area unit numerous forms of pornography videos that area unit compatible with mobile devices like golem and iPhone. This mobile pornography transfer feature that the positioning offers will facilitate anyone UN agency would really like to look at pornography videos straightly from mobile devices. is offered for people who area unit a minimum of eighteen years old-time for the sake of viewers’ discretion. All of the video performers are within the age of eighteen years and on top of. These viewers’ discretions area unit deliberately addressed  for the visitors’ convenience.

Also during this website, you'll be able to notice several forms of adult pornography DVDs performed by well-known pornography stars. you'll be able to browse for these optical disks supported the DVD classes, new releases, and lots of a lot of. If you're interested to go looking and transfer any forms of pornography videos which will not price you something, you'll be able to enter the positioning. otherwise you will merely follow the links provided during this text.

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What ought to we all know concerning Life Insurance?

Comparing life assurance quotes from multiple life assurance corporations is one amongst the simplest ways in which to get the foremost reasonable life assurance. Otherwise, so as to urge the fullest advantage of life assurance, we must always have a basic understanding of life assurance. After we have already got a basic understanding of life assurance, we will purchase life assurance. Life assurance is outlined as a financial profit paid to a nominal person’s chosen beneficiary by the time of his or her death. Additionally, life assurance is supposed to offer a full protection for you and your entire family. 

There square measure many functions which may be achieved by getting life assurance. The policy payouts will pay the medical bills, cowl any final expenses, fund the education of the deceased’s youngsters or grandchildren, pay off a mortgage, and lots of others. Every policy can have completely different functions reckoning on variety of policy or coverage we decide. There square measure 2 common kinds of life assurance: whole life assurance and term life insurance. There'll be a daily premium or payment we must always pay. Today, we will get free insurance quotes on-line. In alternative words, we will build a far easier comparison so as to get the most affordable or lowest life assurance.

Things To assume Before Applying day Loans

Life won't run the approach we have a tendency to expect. Sometimes, we are going to face such a tough time in life. For example, we'd like more money to urge through the remaining days during a month. Sometimes, we have a tendency to cannot predict that we are going to want further money because of sudden bills or expenses. During this time of crisis, on-line payday loans may be the great different of the economic condition to your monetary drawback. This loan is incredibly straightforward to use. That's why this loan kind is usually recommended. Well, during a arduous time, you are doing not have to be compelled to add additional issues by applying loans with difficult forms. 

Indeed, during this circumstance, what you wish is quick money. It implies that you wish to use loans that have fast method so as to urge the take advantage no time. You simply have to be compelled to fill out some needed info while not making ready several documents. You wish to inform what proportion cash you wish to own also because the time. One issue to recollect, you ought to pass all the wants. Firstly, ensure you're higher than eighteen years previous. Secondly, you ought to have regular earning and checking account. If you meet the wants, you'll be able to begin to use the loan.

Find the most effective Coverage of insurance

On a broadcast, I watched one thing funny that was primarily a joke. Some crews of the broadcast steel onself for a quite huge explosion sound on a automobile parking space. Once there was somebody parking his automotive, the crew activated the “explosive” audio system and at last some pretend components of the cars being put ar flown away. The automotive owner was shock for the primary time till he knew that the event was simply a locality of a broadcast. The automotive owner finally laughed similar to expected.  When looking at the broadcast, I simply couldn't imagine what if the issue that I had watched were the $64000 issue in my life. What quantity I had to pay to mend the damages as a result of the surprising moment? Finally I notice that purchasing car insurance should be important if I even have to recollect the broadcast. However, will the insurance cowl the price for the injury as a result of the similar event on the TV show? Well, I found, than, there's how to seek out out. What I ought to do exactly scrutiny the insurance quotes accessible as a result of it's a awfully effective thanks to perceive the kinds and therefore the coverage of insurance. The joined web site is that the suggested one.

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Your New Puppy May Expose You To Personal Liability Risks

Recently, I was watching one of the popular morning shows that featured a segment promoting the adoption of shelter dogs. They had three of the local shelter's dogs on set and they were adorable. My friend's comment "I love dogs!" expresses how most of us feel about our dogs. Dogs certainly have a gift for bringing a smile to your face.

Dogs have always been an important part of man's life. In our culture today the dog's primary role has changed from a work or service animal to that of companion and family member. In fact, our dogs have become an integral member of the family. Along with this role change, people have developed some unrealistic expectations for their pets. Sometimes we fail to recognize that a dog has natural instincts and will act in ways that we do not anticipate. At times we may try to interpret their behaviors based on human characteristics. This practice is unfortunate and leaves us confused and offended when our dog behaves negatively or according to his natural genetic predisposition.

Each year the media informs the public about some of the more negative events connected to dogs. For example in August 2012, a young Georgia college student that loved to rescue dogs was killed by dogs that she had adopted. In May, a North Carolina resident was charged with involuntary manslaughter after his pit bull fatally mauled his neighbor. Stories like these cause us to pause and wonder if owning a dog is worth the risks. We must recognize at this point that dogs will behave like dogs but responsible owners can take steps to prevent incidents like these from happening in the first place.

As you consider dog ownership, recognize the risks associated with owning a dog. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year and that one in five of those bites will require medical attention. Researching the behavior of the dog breed that you desire to adopt is a responsible first step. Although we cannot judge a particular dog by its breed, information is available to help the potential owner make an informed decision. has published a list of "high risk" dogs based on insurance claims. This list which contains some basic information on each breed identifies the "high risk" breeds as Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Wolf Hybrid (sometimes called Wolfdog). The American Kennel Club's website offers some valuable information in helping determine if a particular dog breed is a good match for your family or situation. The AKC adamantly defends the dog's breed and stresses the individual dog's behavior or deeds when making decisions regarding a specific scenario.

All the information that you need to be a responsible dog owner is available at your fingertips if you have internet service. Tips on socializing and caring for your dog, instruction on how to keep your children safe around dogs, dog bite laws and information about typical dog behaviors are just a few of the topics you should research. Some helpful websites include (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and You can also contact local veterinarians or animal specialists who can help you find local resources.

As you review the abundance of information available, you will encounter the reality that some insurance companies may deny or cancel your homeowners or renters coverage once you bring that cute puppy home. So as a responsible dog owner, call your insurance agent right away and inquire about your coverage. Typically, your homeowner's or renter's liability coverage will include dog-related incidents. Homeowners' limits usually range from $100,000 up to $300.000. If you have opted to adopt a large dog, you should investigate increasing your coverage to the higher limits and maybe look into obtaining additional coverage by purchasing an umbrella liability policy which can provide an additional $1 million to $10 million in coverage. Keep in mind, owning a dog is an underwriting factor for your insurance company and failing to inform them about your dog, especially if he is considered a "high risk" breed or has a bite history, can result in claims being denied. If that happens, you can become personally responsible for any damages or injuries that your dog causes.

In conclusion, as you and your puppy get acquainted remember to expose him to a variety of people and other animals, invest in obedience training in order to build a trusting relationship and take him for regular veterinary checkups. Your veterinarian can help counsel you on behavioral issues as they arise and help you understand your dog's genetic predisposition. As you mutually grow to love one another, your pet will surely become a source of delight for you and your family. Enjoy your puppy!

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Death or Disability: Are You Covered?

If you have a mortgage, you've probably received multiple offers for mortgage protection insurance. They all typically offer the same basic coverage: paying off your mortgage if you lose your job, become disabled, or die. Would you benefit from mortgage protection insurance? Or is it another way for the mortgage company to take extra money out of your wallet each month while protecting its own investment when you die? The answer to this question really depends on your health, your financial situation, and what you want to happen with your finances when you die.

Mortgage protection insurance, simply put, is insurance that pays your mortgage if a certain event, such as death or disability, occurs. The cost of this insurance depends on several factors, including the amount of your mortgage, your age, and your health. If you opt for coverage for job loss, your occupation and salary will also be considered. If you purchase mortgage protection insurance to pay off your mortgage when you die, the insurance company will send a check directly to the mortgage company to pay off the remaining balance. Payments will also go to your mortgage company if your policy pays out because of disability or job loss, but only for a certain time period. Disability or job-loss policies pay only the principal and interest on your mortgage.

One benefit of mortgage protection insurance is that it is usually issued on a "guaranteed acceptance" basis. This means almost everyone will be accepted, except for certain extreme cases. This is good for people that are otherwise uninsurable or insurable at a high cost due to health issues or high risk factors.

Mortgage protection insurance has become more important in recent years. Job security has become uncertain in current economic times. Many companies that are struggling financially are cutting staff, and unemployment is a major problem in many areas. People who have been in their positions for years have found themselves out of work. Should people who fall victim to today's economy lose their homes as well? The largest debt most families incur is a mortgage. It's becoming more difficult for many homeowners to avoid foreclosure because the loss of an income can result in the loss of a home. The best way to prevent that from happening to you and your family is through mortgage protection insurance.

Your agent can give you the facts on how a term life insurance policy could be preferable to mortgage protection. A licensed life insurance agent can answer your questions and provide clear information on what the right term life insurance policy can mean to you and your family.

Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

3 Tips to Get Best Mortgage Broker and Home Loan Rate

Everyone needs a place they call their own; thus, many are on the hunt for a home which they can afford at the best home loan rate. There are different ways to avail a loan. One can secure a loan through the bank, mortgage brokers, and other lending companies. Since all of them have their own standards on loans, there is no real cut standard price for a loan. It is for this reason that you must "shop" around for the office or agency that can provide your needs while working with your circumstance.

Mortgage brokers can help you save time and money by representing you. They will be able to go on your behalf to meet with lenders and offices for you to get what you can afford. It is their job to know what the offers are and details of the transaction. If you choose to find a home through a broker, here are five tips on how to get the mortgage broker who can offer the best home loan rates.

Shop around for the best brokers.

Ask friends for recommendations or you can call agencies and offices. Discuss how much the fees are and the terms of payment. You might also want to know what their procedures are in finding the best homes and rates. Having more options will enable you to shorten your list of brokers when you know how they work for you. It is advisable to find one that follows the Privacy Act. This Act will keep the broker accountable to you by keeping your details confidential.

Put everything into writing.

A verbal agreement is not secure no matter how high you think of a person. A good mortgage broker will be able to make a contract which states the responsibilities of each party. Make sure to include how much the service fee is and include that they will only get paid upon finding the best home loan rates agreed upon. A contract should also include how much you need to pay the broker after the loan has been approved. It should also state what kind of loan you are getting and how much. Other details which will be helpful to know is how much the interest rate is and if there are other fees that needs to be paid.

Ask for a written report.

In order to check if a broker is really working in your best interest and just not after commissions, ask them to put down their findings in a report. In that way you will be able to see clearly the rates and other fees of acquiring a home loan.

Hiring a mortgage broker is an efficient way to find the best home loan rate. Future homeowners will not only to be satisfied with the beauty of their home, but be satisfied to know that they were able to afford it and keep it at a price they can pay.

Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Don't Get Trapped With Low Home Loan Rates

If you are planning to buy a new home, you have to know about home loan rates. You are going to pay for it in a very long time so you have to make sure that you get a home loan rate that will best fit your budget.

There are a few companies who offer low home loan rates. For sure you will be tempted to grab the offer right away failing to get into the finer details that makes up the deal. Before making an instant decision that could possibly trap you into paying more than what you bargained for, here is some useful information that you could use to make sure that you can truly afford the house you are buying for:

The first step to determine if you can afford to have a new home is not by knowing whether or not home loan rates are at their lowest points. Consider first your income and liabilities. Compute for your monthly income and determine how much your total liabilities for a month are. Always include in the computation your total monthly spending that do not always reflect on writing or billing statements such as your budget for pool cleaning, gardening services, even your babysitter's payments. If you have more than enough left both for savings and for your emergency fund, then you must be ready for a bigger project like purchasing a new house.

It is also important to determine your debt to income ratio or DTI ratio in order to know whether you have the capability to apply for a home loan. Even if you get to avail of a low home loan rate, you must be comfortable of how much you are going to pay for it every month. DTI ratio computation will give you an idea how much you should budget on your monthly housing payment, monthly liabilities, and savings.

Do a thorough search for the best home loan rate there is. Do not get satisfied with only one offer as there are many other lenders that you can go to. Try searching online for faster results. When you do find the rate that you are most comfortable to be paid for, proceed to make an appointment with the lender to know more about its details. Do not forget to read the fine print of the deal as it generally contains the most important information that should not be missed.

When shopping for a new home, having the best rate in your hands is not always the key to getting your dream home. Home loans are offered not solely for the purpose of helping people get the house that they like. They are there because they are someone else's business. If you are just going to grab an offer right away just because of the low rate that it got then you are not ready to take on this responsibility. Considering your capabilities to pay for it should be your top priority. You have to know whether you can pay for the loan or risk losing the house because of an unpaid mortgage.

Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Tips for Finding High Risk Homeowner's Insurance Companies

For every homeowner, getting a reliable homeowner insurance policy can be a great step in the right direction. However, it is noteworthy that many homeowners to do not qualify for the common insurance policies while some normally find the insurance premiums to be highly unreasonable and therefore they end up being locked out. Any homeowners who have been categorized as a "high risk" should for this reason consider finding high risk homeowner's insurance companies with which to work with although this should come as the last step towards insuring your home.

When is the high risk home insurance coverage important?

There are many reasons as to why many people are targeted as high risk by the insurance companies. One of these reasons could be due to the poor credit rating which makes it hard not only when it comes to the search of an insurance company but also in many other important day to day engagements. Anyone with a bad credit rating should however be working on how they can improve their rating as time progresses. It is also important to understand that the homeowners insurance companies are not only important for those people who have a bad credit rating as many people will normally find themselves targeted as elevated risk due to reasons that are way beyond their control.

Another thing that could make finding homeowner's insurance companies important is the location of your home. Different areas are normally prone to natural calamities such as tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires and coastal storms and this could contribute to the requirement for an insurance policy. The crime rate in an area could also be a contributing factor when it comes to the payment of premiums in addition to the willingness of an insurance company to provide coverage for your home.

Guidelines for finding affordable high risk homeowner insurance companies

Normally, different insurance companies vary greatly when it comes to the charges demanded for any insurance policy. This is not something that is only limited to the insurance coverage and you should therefore seek to compare the services and the premiums charged by different companies in order to come up with the right product for your home. The difference at times can be as big as $ 1000 or more depending with the company that you opt for. There are however many other different factors to consider when finding the high risk homeowner's insurance companies. These include the following:

The reliability of the company should be a major factor to consider. This can be determined by checking out of the previous settlements that have been carried out between the companies and their existing or previous clients. This will help you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the assurance of being covered by a dependable insurance partner.

It is also important to consider the size of the company offering you the homeowner's high risk insurance coverage. Small companies will definitely be unable to bear the burden that comes with the settlements that results from destroyed homes.
While finding high risk homeowner's companies, one can be able to save on the amount of money paid in premiums especially if they come from crime prone locations. This could be done by the installation of respected security systems and locks to your home. If you have done this, make sure to ask for discounts from your company of choice and therefore save big in the process.

Sabtu, 28 April 2012

Adding Up the Costs of Home Ownership

The time may come when renting an apartment, condo or house is no longer suitable, and the idea of purchasing a home changes from dream to reality. Seizing the American Dream is one of the biggest purchases one will ever make in life. Before engaging a real estate agent and touring open houses every weekend, review the checklist below. Being able to answer "yes" to these questions will help determine whether the time is right to make such a big move:

An established source of steady income for at least the past two years, that is very likely to continue

Tax returns have been filed each year as required by federal and state law

Bills and other financial obligations are within budget and regularly paid on time

The down payment, closing costs, and other related fees to purchase a home have been saved up (check with a financial institution to see whether any first-time-buyer or other programs are available that could help cover certain expenses relating to purchasing a home)

Money for moving expenses has been saved up (and/or good friends have been tapped to lend a hand)

Anticipated mortgage, property taxes, insurance, homeowners' association fees (if applicable), and other expenses are affordable for the long term

Money is available to pay for additional (and likely higher) utility bills if the new home is larger than the previous rental; also, additional expenses for lawn and garden equipment, or a gardener

Money is available to purchase additional furniture, appliances, and other household items

Money is available to cover ongoing maintenance and home repairs

Everyone involved has the time, energy, and desire to take care of a house (or ability to hire others to do perform those tasks); it seems obvious and sounds simple, but not everyone wants the ongoing responsibility of caring for a home's upkeep

A good homeowners insurance policy has been selected to cover the new castle. Homeowners insurance is a requirement by any mortgage lender and an essential component of protection. Coverage offers homeowners protection from financial losses related the owning the home, e.g., losses due to fire, vandalism, and hail, as well as theft and liability in most cases. Coverage for damages resulting from a flood requires a separate flood insurance policy or rider. Talk to a professional insurance agent about a homeowners insurance policy with the right features and benefits, as well as any riders that are appropriate.

Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Buildings Insurance: Is Your House At Risk? How to Spot Subsidence Before It's Too Late

Building insurance can be considered as a must-have for your home or for any kind of infrastructure that you may have. This will definitely prevent you from having to spend too much money to repair damages that can be caused by sudden events. If you have building insurance, you will be protected for any covered events up to the amount your policy provides.

You have to make sure that you monitor your house or building from time to time to check if it has any risk for damages. One of the most important things that you have to consider is the subsidence.

Looking Into What Subsidence Is All About

Most people may not be aware of what subsidence is and how it can greatly affect any kind of infrastructure. Subsidence is actually defined as the sudden motions of the surface of the Earth. This motion causes the ground to move to a much lower level. This sudden motion can definitely cause great damage to different kinds of infrastructure which has been built in a stable position in a certain location. It is important that you assess your house location properly for any risk of subsidence.

How to Spot Subsidence

You have to make sure that your house or any of your infrastructures will definitely be free from the risks of subsidence. First of all, it would be best if you get the help of a professional when it comes to such matters. Some of the best persons that you can consult are geologists, engineers and surveyors. They can help you when it comes to properly assessing and evaluating the location of your house or building so that you can find out if it is at any risk for subsidence. They can give you the best advice when it comes to how you can prevent any damage to your home that may be brought about by subsidence.

You also need to realize that you can definitely evaluate your home yourself. Most of the buildings that are at great risk for subsidence have cracks. You have to remember that not all cracks may be considered as a sign of subsidence. Those cracks that are greatly associated with the risk for sudden motion are normally wider than usual.

You should also have a very complete ocular inspection of your location done so that you can see if there are any possible structures that can cause damage to your home or infrastructure. As early as possible, you should eliminate all the damaging structures for your home.

If you are able to properly detect possible risks for your home, you can definitely prevent future damage. The expenses that you would have to deal with if you detect possible damage as early as possible will definitely be less. If you act on the damages at a later time, there would be a high chance that you would need to spend a lot more for repairs or for replacement. You would not need to spend all your building insurance on house repairs if you are able to prevent and detect damages early.

Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Homeowners Insurance For Pet Owners

Many different pets have liability concerns that must be calculated into the homeowners policy. From property damage to bodily injury, your pet is going to be a factor in what your premiums will be. For some animals, such as dog breeds that are considered dangerous, you may have to shop around just to find an insurance company that will underwrite your policy.

Dangerous Dog Breeds 
Pitbulls, Shepherds and Rottweilers are three of the most common breeds listed as dangerous. For these breeds, some insurance companies will not write a home policy at all, while other may exclude the dog from coverage. Some states use a different method, called the "one bite rule," where the dog is allowed 'one free bit' before the insurance company will cancel the policy. You will have to check with the laws of your state to find out what the specific laws may be, and shop for an insurance company that welcomes your pet as part of your family.

Personal Property 
Most homeowners policies will not cover personal property that is damaged by a pet, but others do. And even if your personal property is covered, the wording of your policy may limit the dollar amount of your personal property that will be covered for pet related damages. Every insurance company will have different rules for this, so keep your pets in mind and read the policy carefully before you sign the contract. For example, if your cat destroys a window blind, you would be responsible for replacing the blinds out of your own pocket.

Property Damage Concerns 
Property damage, such as your cat clawing up a neighbor's screen trying to visit their bird cage, or even the cost of the bird if the cat succeeds, will be covered to varying degrees. Some policies will treat the cat or other pet like a family member and treat property damages in the same way, while others treat damages caused by animals differently or even exclude them altogether.

Bodily Injury Liability 
Unless the pet is excluded from coverage, your insurance will pay for bodily injury to visitors. This does not include injuries to your own immediate family members, but it would include a visiting family member who was bitten or scratched. This is one of the most important reasons to have a home insurance policy that includes your animals, because in addition to bodily injury, many pet-induced injuries are also viewed as liability suits, and having a good policy will prevent the possibility of lawsuits taking your home or draining your savings.

Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Are You a Landlord? Is Your Let Property At Risk From Flooding?

Are you a Landlord? Has your let home flooded? Are your tenants at risk?

Flooding has caused millions of pounds worth of damage over recent years. But beyond the monetary shock of ruined carpets and furniture, there's the emotional trauma of seeing a home invaded by flood waters and the potential for irreplaceable personal effects to be spoiled. If you are responsible for the property you must take action immediately. The property is not your tenants responsibility - and you will need to work with your tenants to sort the problem out.

Make sure you're adequately insured. You don't have to live beside a river to be flooded. Heavy rain can cause flash floods. Even tiny water courses and storm drains can flood an area if the water can't escape quickly enough. There are many homes situated away from waterways which have flooded, and there are thousands of homes at risk. Make sure your policy includes Flood Damage as standard. Homeshield Insurance only supplies home insurance products that include Flood Damage.

If your home is flooded there's no quick fix. Depending on the severity of the flood, it can take many months to dry out and repair a house. It takes house bricks about one month per inch to dry out completely. It is a very lengthy process. Your Landlords Home Insurance policy should include rent guarantee due to an insured event. This means that should an insured event occur - for example flooding, they will pay your rent each month during the repairs if the home is uninhabitable for your tenant. You will then be required to release the tenant from their contract to enable them to seek alternative accommodation.

However, if the worst happens there are some things you can do to help your tenant and they can do to help you in the moments which follow the flood:

First steps 
• Switch off the gas and don't touch the electrics. Water conducts electricity, so you may find your power trips out. Don't try to switch it back on.

• Call your home insurance company's emergency help line as soon as possible. They will provide assistance on making a claim and, if necessary, they should also help with alternative emergency accommodation.

• Keep a record of the damage. Ideally take lots of photos or video of the flood damage. If you don't have a camera to hand, take notes of what happened and the damage caused, try to be as detailed as possible.

• If emergency pumping or repair work is necessary you should have this done. You don't need to go through your insurance company for this, but you should be able to claim the cost back from your policy as your claim is processed. 
• If your tenant has to leave your house, make sure your landlords insurance company knows where to contact them. If they have a mobile phone, make sure they have the number. The insurer may need to contact the tenant for information which you may not have.

• Flooding can cause structural damage. The roof line is often a good indicator, check for any changes. If you suspect there is a problem, inform your home insurer and get the property checked out as soon as possible.

Once the waters have receded the clean-up can begin. Remember that floodwater can be contaminated; take sensible precautions (e.g. using rubber gloves) during the clean-up will help, make sure children and animals are not exposed to contaminated water.

Cleaning Up

• Check with your local authority or health authority to find out where you can get help with the clean-up. Look under 'Flood Damage' in the Yellow Pages - you will need cleaning materials and equipment to dry out your house.

• Open doors and windows for ventilation. But don't forget security. Ensure your house and valuables are safe. Use a dehumidifier when the windows are closed. Also make sure you clear mud and silt from all airbricks.

• Contact your gas, electricity and water suppliers. Don't switch on power without having everything checked, and taking advice first. Make sure you run water for several minutes before using it.

• Throw away any food which could have been in contact with floodwater.

• If you can, switch on your central heating, but keep it on a constant low temperature. Together with ventilation this will help the house dry out. High temperatures could cause further damage.

• Allowing photos and papers to dry out isn't necessarily the best way to save them. Remove excess water and keep tightly together, in the fridge if possible, then take advice from your insurance company.

• Don't throw away furniture and fittings, your insurance company will want to inspect them. Rubber backed carpets should be lifted and left outside. Hessian backed carpets should be left in place until dry. Once dry, lift the carpet to help dry out areas underneath. Take photo's as you go, to keep a log of the damage in more detail.

• Prepare for the worst: don't think it can't happen again. Even if you're the victim of flash flooding after extreme weather, don't assume the worst is over.

• Most importantly, look after yourself, your tenant, and their family. This is a traumatic time, making sure everyone's OK is more important than moving furniture. If you don't feel you're coping the Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help or put in contact with someone who can.